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Camera Surveillance Systems

Eagle Security has been at the cutting edge of home security for over 20 years. Our trusted professionals will help you design a customized network of high-resolution cameras that help you keep an eye on what you value most.

Features of our camera surveillance systems include:


High Definition Monitor

View your cameras in high definition quality at a local monitor in a secure area. You'll have a crystal clear viewing experience at all times.

Remote Access

Access your camera system from virtually anywhere in the world. Stream a live view of all your cameras and check out what's going on at your property directly from your phone.


Color-at-night Cameras

Get a full-color image from your cameras at any time of day. Light from a full moon or nearby street lamp is all your cameras will need to display in full color, even in the dead of night.

Network Video Recorder

Store months of recorded footage using a password-protected NVR. Search your database, play back recordings, and download specific clips for future use.


Infrared Cameras

Never miss a thing, even when it's pitch black. Your cameras will automatically enable their infrared mode to ensure you'll never miss a second.

Video Analytics

Your smart video analytics lets you set up virtual tripwires and zones, get notified when a vehicle stops outside your home, and receive a video alert if someone lingers by your front door.

Keep an eye out - even when you're out.

Indoor Security Cameras

With clear, HD video - check in on your kids or pets on-the-go 24/7.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Bump in the night or a knock on the door? Easy. Just check your outdoor cameras day or night.

Specialty Cameras

Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras based on your needs - great for commercial properties.

Live Mobile App

It's like you're always home - even when you're not.

  • Check in on your family or pets through live video

  • Keep an eye out for delivery and packages when you're away from home

  • View stored video clips on-the-go

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